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14:31, 06 May 2017 by Ronald Grasmeder

Bedford Borough Council is asking residents for their views on where growth and housing development should take place in the borough over the coming years as part of the Local Plan 2035.

24th April – 9th June 2017

The Local Plan 2035 will set out how much growth and development there will be in Bedford Borough until 2035. As well as building houses and flats, this also includes providing jobs and the development of facilities such as schools, transport and shops to support new communities.

Central government expects councils to produce Local Plans to demonstrate how the need for housing will be met.  The consultation is therefore not about the scale of development, but on how and where it will take place.

Three consultations have already taken place to establish the scope of the plan and collect evidence on options for where future sustainable growth should be located. This fourth stage of the Local Plan 2035 consultation primarily focuses on the development of housing across Bedford Borough.

The calculation of Bedford Borough’s future housing needs is set in the Strategic Housing Market Assessment. This document shows that as a local area we will need an additional 19,000 homes in the borough by 2035. Over half of the housing need can already be met by existing planning permissions or allocations, meaning that the Local Plan 2035 needs to allocate land for around an additional 8,000 new homes.

The consultation offers an opportunity for residents to comment on a preferred development strategy that includes one or more new settlements; development of the former Stewartby Brickworks site and expansion of selected villages. Comments will also be invited on a range of new and updated technical documents following the release of new national population and household projections in 2016.

Portfolio Holder, Councillor Colleen Atkins, said: ‘The Local Plan 2035 is important for the future of growth and housing in Bedford Borough. It will set out where development will take place in the borough over the coming years, and will have an effect on many of our residents. I encourage everyone to look at the proposals and to get in touch and give us their thoughts and suggestions.’

Further information as well as questions about key issues we would like your views on can be found on the Bedford Borough Council website. Please be aware that it is not necessary to answer all questions. 

The consultation will run from 24th April – 9th June 2017.  The easiest way to complete these questions is by using our on-line consultation page 

You will be able to save a copy of your response for your own records and you will receive an acknowledgement so you know we have received your submission. 

Alternatively, comments can be made by filling in the Word format questionnaire available on the website.  If you prefer this method, please attach the completed Word document and send it to

If you cannot do this you can print and post your completed questionnaire or write a letter.  Please attach a stamp and post it to:

Local Plan 2035 Consultation, Planning Policy Team

Borough Hall, Bedford, MK42 9AP

Or call our Local Plan phone number on 01234 718300; leave a message and we will return your call..

All comments should be received by 5pm on 9th June 2017.

Responses will be acknowledged and published.

21:31, 27 Apr 2017 by Ronald Grasmeder

A vacancy exists for a Councillor for the Upper Dean Ward of the Parish of Dean and Shelton.

The Parish Council are currently looking to co-opt a resident for this position.

The work of the Parish Council is vital to give our community a voice, to deliver services and in aspiring to make the lives of people in the Parish better.

The responsibilities of a Parish Councillor are not onerous but do require attendance at the Parish Council meetings (about ten per year) usually held at the Dalton Hall.  Background reading and occasional assistance in community projects also features.  Full training is, of course, available for this important role.

Would you spare a small amount of your time on behalf of yourself, your neighbours and the Parish?

For further information or to apply for co-option please contact the Clerk by e-mail at or by telephone on 07778 554504.

Applicants must be 18 or over and meet other criteria.

Closing date for applications is midnight 24 May 2017

06:30, 15 Apr 2017 by Ronald Grasmeder