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The Internet has become an integral part of our society; many people now use it as their primary source of information.  To meet the growing expectation that Parish and Town Council information will be found online Local Authorities across the East of England have worked together to provide every council with the opportunity to have a website.

A website offers parishioners a simple means of finding out what the Parish Council is doing as well as keeping up to date with local events and news.

This website will not replace newsletters, meetings or an informal chat in the street, but it will allow the Parish Council to reach more, and often different, people more of the time and more economically.

This site is administered by members of the Dean & Shelton Parish Council to supply news of local events to residents and visitors.  Please take some time to browse the Notice Board and the Events Calendar and place a comment on the Weblog should you so desire.

One of our aims is to provide a means of quickly conveying important information to parishioners.  This will be posted on the Notice Board.  If you wish to receive an e-mail alert when an item is added please register on the Notice Board page.  If you have any urgent, important information about such things as suspicious vehicles, missing peoples or animals, or other emergency situations please send an e-mail to: DandSparishclerk@aol.com

In the future we will be conducting online surveys to collect opinion from local people about topics of interest or concern such as parish plans, planning applications or the provision of new services.  The website will also have provision for the community to give feedback to the Parish Council thus improving communication.

Parish Council serving the villages of Upper and Lower Dean and Shelton located in North Bedfordshire.

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