Emergency Plan

           Dean and Shelton Parish Emergency Plan

The Civil Contingencies Act 2005 suggests that parish councils prepare a contingency plan for self-help in case of an emergency.  Nearly all emergencies affecting our community will normally be dealt with by the emergency services, local authorities and public utility companies.  However, there may be rare occasions when the community will have to help itself.  Dean and Shelton Parish Council has therefore prepared a community self-help Emergency Plan.

The plan aims to mitigate the effects of any incident when the normal emergency response provided by the Emergency Services and the Local Authorities is delayed due to the scope and nature of the emergency.

Once the emergency services have been deployed information in the Plan can provide assistance and local knowledge to help them.

In case of an emergency your first action should always be to contact the emergency services by dialling 999.  If necessary, you should then notify either members of the Parish Council or the Parish Clerk.  The appropriate members of the community listed in the plan will be contacted to meet at the agreed assembly point and the Plan will be activated.


Chairman of the Parish Council    R Ward                                       07767 352347

                                                          J Gamblen                                 07712 778231

                                                          S Brett

                                                          J Wells

                                                          L Jones

                                                          C Pattison

                                                          S Morrow                                   07964 319978

Clerk to the Council                    R Grasmeder                                 01234 709583

Borough Councillor                    M Towler                                       01234  772688