Community event - Operation BENEKE

I would like to make you aware of an Operation which your Local Community Policing Team will be running in Upper Dean on Saturday 14th April 2018, between the hours of 1400 & 1530hrs.

OPERATION BENEKE aims to address Community Concerns / issues and Parish Priorities through way of community engagement. Members of the team shall be present from the above stated time within the vicinity of All Hallows Church on the High Street, where the Mobile Police Station shall be visible for all to see and approach. We shall have Officer’s present with the Mobile Police Station throughout, meaning members of the Local Community are free to approach ourselves and ask any questions they may have or seek any advice on issues that may be of concern to themselves. In addition we shall also have other Officer’s conducting door to door engagement, Meaning we shall approach a select number of properties to speak directly with residents. Whilst conducting the door to door activities we shall provide literature to residents, that holds various information with regard to Crime Prevention. 

I am also very pleased to advise that this operation shall be supported by our OP SENTINEL team,  who shall be working with us on the day to provide additional advice on issues that may be very relevant to the area of Upper Dean. I have been working with OP SENTINEL recently to discuss issues within the North Rural and Upper Dean in particular, so I would very much like to hope that this shall be a very beneficial event for the community.

If there are any Watch Schemes (Neighbourhood Watch, Speed Watch or Street Watch) set up in Upper Dean they will be invited along also.

Laura Hoggard, PCSO 8951, Bedfordshire Police

14:04, 02 Apr 2018 by Ronald Grasmeder