Safe and Secure

This page is devoted to the Safety and Security of the Community in and around the Parish.  If you have any suggestions for further additions to this page please contact us.




Due to the fact that most of us have a PE postcode which we will be asked to give when calling 999 the assumption will be made that we are in the Cambridgeshire Constabulary area and vital minutes could be lost whilst this situation is resolved.

When calling 999 make sure that you tell the operator that you are in the Bedfordshire Police area.

Our Neighbourhood Police Officers  are 8423 Chris Warmington or 8007 Cameron Giles.  They are based at Riseley Police Station, 37 High Street, Riseley MK44 1DX  For non-urgent matters they can be contacted on:- or by telephone on 01234 842865 or the non emergency number 101.

Distraction Burglaries and the Elderly or Vulnerable

If you live near to an elderly, or vulnerable person, please take the time to think about who might be calling at their home.
Distraction burglaries take place when offenders pretending to be police or utility workers obtain entry on a pretext of searching for a leak or investigating a crime and then carry out theft of money or property.

Bedfordshire Police offer the following advice:

Keep both front and back doors locked at all times.

Always use a door chain and viewer when answering your door.

Always ask for Identification, and check it carefully.

If you are visited by a Police Officer, you are invited to call the Control Room to confirm their identity.  If they are not in uniform ask to see their warrant card.

If you have any doubts  - do not let the person in and dial 9 9 9.


The Beds Police Ringmaster service has been running since December 2002.

It is a computerised messaging system, sending members information about criminal activity in a local area. The system encourages two-way communication between the Police and its members.  Ringmaster members are invited to pass on the information in messages to their family and friends in the wider community.  The service is free and members will receive messages via email.  Ringmaster will send you messages about crimes and issues that affect your community or area of business.  Each message will include the details of the crime and practical advice to reduce further crime in the area.

Please look at the Useful Links page for the Link to the Safer Beds Community Site and follow the instructions on how to join Ringmaster.  To contact the Ringmaster Systems Administrator, email


Bedfordshire Crimestoppers is dedicated to fighting crime across Bedfordshire.  They help to promote the charity in communities across the region, to let people know that Crimestoppers is there for them as an anonymous route to pass on information about crime.  Crimestoppers is run by volunteers and guarantees anonymity.

To pass on information about crime anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out their secure encrypted online Giving Information Form.

Neighbourhood Watch

Lynne Arch

Neighbourhood Watch Administrator


Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire

Bridgebury House

Woburn Road

Kempston MK43 9AX


T: 01234 275165 / 842043






Transport for the Elderly

To the Doctor's, Hospital or just shopping.  Who can provide it, when and how to contact them.